Work at Social Thingum

Social Thingum is always hiring.

We are interested in developers, IT and digital communicators with relevant experience to help us to rapidly expand our business, manage projects and develop software applications in various fields, both academic and corporate.

We have much to do with PHP, JavaScript and Java for back-end processes, as well as HTML and CSS for front-end development. We use platforms such as WordPress, Moodle and Mahara. We are looking for developers who learn quickly and are able to provide fast and efficient technological solutions.

The knowledge of English language is definitely a plus.

Our startup is constantly developing and working with several Italian universities, including the Department of Information and Communication of the University of Milan and of the Bicocca University and the Polihub Incubator at the Polytechnic of Milano, in which we are incubated. A young and dynamic environment where also university professors are there to provide their knowledge and experience with corporates experts.

If you are interested in finding out more or working at Social Thingum, write us an email at and keep in touch!

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