The WhoTeach project aims at setting up a cloud platform on top of current learning repositories (either MOOC, open source or on payment), that extracts and integrates contents from them according to the user needs, the specific quality criteria, and the sharing and authorization policies. The platform is conceived for demanding users, hence people who are used to learn and possibly to teach, who search for validated and well organized didactic contents for their personal cultural growth or for teaching.

whoteach logo

The main services we will sell through WhoTeach are:

  1. Wrapping Services for the most relevant repositories.
  2. Ontology based Integration and Sharing/Authorization Policy Services
  3. Sophisticated Intelligent Retrieval and Authoring Services
  4. Ad Hoc Social Networks.

Under the metaphor of a teacher willing preparing a new course we address these services to both Large, Medium and Mini enterprises and individual customers supporting the organization of personalized didactical contents.

This project is the results exploitation of the European NETT project, and especially of the E-learning platform Nett Platform.