social thingum e-learning

Social Thingum is meant to finalize the development of a SILMS (Social Intelligent Learning Management System) called WHOTEACH that could foster the development of transversal and specific skills of professionals and managers.

On proposal integrates innovative technological solutions in the social learning, Recommender System and GIS (Geographic Information System), relying on a solid background of experiences and skills acquired by the team within a research group of the University of Milan’s Computer Science Department.

Especially the team is involved in research and development about Human-Computer Interaction and evaluation, design and development of interactive and intelligent systems for the enrichment of knowledge.

WHOTEACH  develops in a context in which the self-education becomes the key to staying successful in the labor market, providing its own update and its own ’employability‘ and providing a platform that combines innovative tools of e-learning, Social Network, recommender system and e-recruiting, offering at the same time a new interactive experience to the user.

The project bases its competitive advantage on technological infrastructure developed internally by the team, that includes among its characteristic elements:

1) Social Community, an open space to interaction between users in which the people involved in the educational process can exchange information, ideas, opinions, solutions and materials. This is an aspect of value and innovation in the field of distance learning.

2) Recommender System (RS) can guide users in selecting courses and teaching materials, and suggesting the nearest training offer to the user’s interest. With access to a series of information (eg. By Linkedin profile), the system identifies, based on some algorithms, the most interesting elements and attractants for the specific user.

3) Geographic Information System (GIS) that will allow you to map and geo-localize the skills in a “geo-social competence network” that will facilitate the exchange of knowledge, providing a constantly updated framework of competences in the area and offer an e-recruitment tool value-added.

Social Thingum makes the exploitation of NETT project made of a community of 1,200 registered users focused on entrepreneurial training and about 2000 users on the social pages. Such users may represent an important basis for bootstrapping the creation of a user community and to test the platform.