Project will setup an infrastructure and services for wellbeing monitoring and rehabilitation management, with special focus of fat-fighting, within an ecosystem made of:

  1. conventional and intelligent body sensors;
  2. a cloud FI-WARE based ICT infrastructure for collecting and processing them;
  3. a mobile app for exploiting related health services.

Services will range from simple user self-monitoring (for instance by collecting and analyzing a number of parameters related to obesity during game-play, such as: heart rate, weight, step count and calorie burn, possibly in view of weight loss) to harnessing the networked intelligence of all stakeholders for just-in-time recommendations in order to achieve optimized models of healthier life. The focus on obesity rehabilitation will be based on two different cultural and economic environments. The integration of the front-end app with the background ICT infrastructure will provide opportunities to setting and monitoring individual and community goals, creating profiles and individual portfolios of services, and receiving personalized recommendations based on personal profiles and wellbeing experts’ advice.