francesco epifania social thingum team

Francesco Epifania, PhD CEO, Partner & Co-founder
He has been a research fellow and professor at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Milan and received his PhD in Computer Science, together with three degrees in the Computer Science field: a bachelor degree in Digital Communication, a master degree in Information Technology and a master degree in Computer Science; he has produced numerous publications for national and international conferences and journals. His research interests are in the field of Human Computer Interaction and particularly in the creation of intelligent, multi-channel interactive systems for the enrichment of knowledge. He is also dedicated to the evaluation of Recommender System. Publications

bruno apolloni social thingum team

Prof. Bruno ApolloniResearch Advisor, Partner & Co-Founder
Ex Full Professor of Computer Science at the University of Milan. He has coordinated several national and international research projects including the European Projects NETT and Sands. His research interests are on the border between probability, mathematical statistics and computer science. Publications

maurizio mesenzani social thingum team

Dott. Maurizio MesenzaniBusiness Developer & Co-founder
CEO at Arké Management Consulting Services and adjunct professor at the University of Milan Bicocca, is for Social Thingum an angel investor bringing capital and skills, resources and networks. As an entrepreneur and manager he has significant experience in strategic and organizational development to support businesses in the start-up phase as well as an extensive track record of customers in e-learning, social intelligence and big data management.

simone bassis social thingum team

Simone BassisAdvisor e Co-founder
PhD in Mathematics and Statistics for Computational Sciences. His main research interests are in the inference of space-time processes, ranging from linear regression statistical methods and nonlinear process identification techniques.

roumen nikolov social thingum team

Prof. Roumen Nikolov, PhDBusiness Developer and advisor & Co-founder
Professor at the University of Library Studies and Information Technologies Sofia (Bulgaria) and Director of the Computer Science Department. His main interests are in the area of ICT in education, electronic governance, digital libraries, applications and Web 2.0 technologies. Member of the Technical Committee 3 (Education) of the ‘International Federation of Information Processing (IFIP). Publications

Eugenia Kovatcheva social thingum team

Prof. Eugenia Kovatcheva, PhD – Researcher Advisor, Partner & Co-founder
Associate Professor at the University of Library Studies and Information Technologies Sofia (Bulgaria). Her areas of interest are related to innovation in the Digital Repository, Information and Knowledge Management, Cloud and ICT in the field Education. Publications

daniele cattaneo social thingum team

Avv. Daniele Lorenzo Maria Cattaneo – Chief Legal Officer, Partner & Co-founder
Lawyer, owner of Studio Legale Cattaneo, specialized in civil law. He brings his expertise related to legal training courses, besides addressing corporate/legal issues.

michele de sario social thingum team

Dott. Michele De Sario – Chief Medical Officer, Partner & Co-founder
Coroner, active in civil, criminal, social security and insurance. As a doctor brings his expertise linked to continuing education courses in medicine.

rosanna epifania social thingum team

Dott.ssa Rosanna EpifaniaChief Financial Officer
Responsible for financial and accounting management. She runs a data processing enterprise for SMEs. Graduated in Economics at the Catholic University of Milan.

Carlo Bono

Dott. Carlo Alberto Bono Data Scientist
Graduated in Computer Engineering and Philosophy, his fields of interest are data analysis, machine learning, natural language processing and software development.

francesco ruggeri social thingum team

Dott. Francesco Ruggeri – Data Scientist
Graduated in Computer Science. Interested in Data Analisys and Software Development.

Lorenzo Romanelli social thingum team

Dott. Lorenzo RomanelliData Scientist
He currently holds a BSc in Music Informatics and a MSc in Sound and Music Computing. Passionate about new technologies as a whole, he gradually got interested in data science and artificial intelligence, especially as a mean for modeling and understanding human behaviour.

Alessio Anghileri social thingum team

Dott. Alessio Anghileri Data Scientist & Developer
He got a Master’s Degree in Computer Science; he’s interested in the study and in the applications about Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.

Luca Marconi social thingum team

Dott. Luca Marconi Business Strategist & Business Developer – Data Science Fellow
Graduated in Management Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano and M.Sc. in Physics of Complex Systems at the Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Physics and Complex Systems (CSIC-UIB). Always passionate about issues relating to artificial intelligence, cognitive science, systems dynamics and complexity theory. Dealing with business & strategy development, marketing & communication, fundraising and collaborating in the modelling and data analytics activities.

Diego Kojachi social thingum team

Diego Alonso Kojachi Carrillo Developer
It deals with the development of the design and updating of websites.

Silvia Pallucchini social thingum team

Silvia Pallucchini Developer