3D Printing

Modeling service and slicing for inexperienced owners of 3D printers. The service, based on a catalog of gradually expanding objects, helps the user to print simple items on your home printer. Each object is accompanied by a series of parameters to change its shape to the user liking. Upon reaching a satisfactory form, behind a modest fee the service sends the user the object code prints.

The project that aims concerns an entire ecosystem composed by printer manufacturers, their owners, their users, and finally the facilitators for their use.

Therefore, even if the service is payable on the current printer fleet, suitable measures could be put in place by manufacturers, or directly from the sellers, taking the printer on the network, thereby enabling the control and remote monitoring(Facility already in place in the products of a startup based in Milan).

Similarly, sellers may be the first promoters of the service, noting at the same time the real needs of users, or a catalog of objects that can be offered for printing, and creating the connection between demand and offer of service.

Finally, the 3D modelers can optimize models depending on the service you want to offer, for example by improving the scalability of some parameters.